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I have dominated men in My personal life, because I enjoy humiliate and dominate men from a very young age of My life! Now, I am offering professional dominatrix services in London to select slaves in in calls and out calls.

So you know what I do and what to expect. Do you crave to have the MOST KINKY and amazing experience of your life? Somenthing that you will remember for years with excitement? Dare and meet Me in person then. I will only use you for My pleasure! My specialities are endless and I cannot mention them all here, but you can read them at My others website pages. And start from sensual worshipping, I have the most round Ass (perfect for Facesitting!) you ever seen, foot worshipping, My feet are so nicely shaped, that you will beg to worship them for hours, Hardsports/Full toilet training (I am the MOST known in Europe for that and I produce HUGE loads!), watersports/golden showers (I can pee whole liters!), anal training, strapon and fisting (I can fist you with two hands, and also with My feet!), feminization, sissy training (I love using sissies!), Ballbusting (I love kicking balls!), CBT, caning, whipping, spanking, maid training, dog training, objectification, the list is endless! I can do anything as long is safe and legal. Nothing is a taboo to Me as long is between adults and safe. So do not feel shy and tell Me your fantasies without to feel shame, as I have done it all. Leave your fears behind you when you approach Me, you was waiting to have such a life changing experience for years right? You will have it NOW! Send Me an email with your age and phone number (I never call to people, I just send My address by text) and tell Me your fantasies. And welcome to My REALM of Dark and hidden fantasies! Get ready to have a kinky and amazing experience to remember for Life. Are you ready to LIVE your dreams? Crawl towards Me NOW !

P.S.: If your fetish is not listed, contact Me. Maybe I will be able to accept your begging and realize your fantasy! However, note that I do not do sexual services.

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